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Try to do this with any other flow cytometry analysis software! CytoPaint Classic user Sana W. sent us this “analysis” of a data file, and we loved it so much that we had to post it.

Actually, her picture is a real demonstration of the kind of fine detail you can easily bring to your analyses using the lasso tool and CytoPaint Classic’s unique color gating methodology. Can you imagine trying to create the cyan “population” using multiple polygon, oval and rectangular gate regions?

Our customers often tell us that they like CytoPaint Classic because it allows them to concentrate on their data and not on the program. Remember, this is a picture of an actual analysis! You don’t see any regions in the plot, and the analyst (or artist) didn’t have to define any complex Boolean AND/OR/NOT relationships between regions to achieve these results.

One of our main design goals at Leukobyte is to develop tools that make it easy for scientists to apply their expertise to their flow data analysis. The program should help the process, not get in the way.

Thank you, again, to Sana for showing us where someone’s mind can take their analysis… with the right tool. Though we’re not sure if the palm tree is CD45 positive, or not. :-)

You can learn more about the features in CytoPaint Classic by clicking here.