Compensation Controls

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We are busy adding new information for CytoPaint Classic version 1.1.

We should be done soon, so please check back!

We’ve added all-new compensation controls to CytoPaint Classic. The commands can be found in CytoPaint’s Report menu.

When processing FCS 3.x files, you now have the ability to disable compensation, apply the compensation matrix defined in the current FCS file, or apply a custom, user-defined compensation matrix.

A custom compensation matrix can be imported from several industry-standard file formats including FloJo™ spillover matrix files (*.mtx) , BD™ instrument settings files, and Leukobyte’s own comma-delimited text (.csv) file format. You can also generate a compensation matrix using control beads with our new Auto Compensate function.

Using the Export Spillover Matrix function, a custom compensation matrix can be exported to a .csv text file and edited using virtually any spreadsheet application (such as Microsoft Excel™). It can then be re-imported back into CytoPaint Classic.